icatchers specializes in building stunning custom trade show exhibits and displays with the help of our highly-skilled and experienced designers. Our team truly comprehends your goals and needs and then manufactures a premier trade show exhibit that illustrates your brand and strategy. We make your trade show booth design to communicate your brand vision and deliver the results you expect. With the help of our professional custom exhibition stand builders design your own custom trade show exhibit to maximize your brand visibility and reach to the crowd.

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Our Recent Work

Trade shows are like fingerprints, no two are identical. Each consecutive year thousands of companies exhibit, check our recent work section as we have worked with some of the major brands around USA.

Why Go With Custom Trade Show Booth?

Custom trade show booth designs allow the brand to use custom technologies as per their needs while designing their booths. It gives you the freedom to choose the layout, design, size, shape, and features of your trade show exhibit. This will make you stand out from the crowd, attract attention and generate a higher investment return from any event, trade show, or convention.

Selecting a custom display for your trade show can help you to design a booth within your defined budget. Not only you can choose all the materials required to build the booth but can also decide the interiors and look of your booth that fits in your budget.

You can choose captivating colors and designs that will make you stand totally catch the attendee’s eyes even from the far and also carries your company branding. Custom booth designs are all about your brand and how you want the visitors to see it.

iCatchers extends its custom trade show exhibits booth building expertise to help businesses increase their customer base, enhance brand awareness, and augment sales by ensuring a lasting impression during exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, conventions, and other business events that can make a huge difference to the overall success of your venture.

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