Does your exhibit seem out of context? Or maybe you have been renting and are now ready to build. Is your company seeking to rebrand? There is no key standard for this type of proposal, these are some of the key elements you must include in RFP.

After shortlisting the exhibiting company and finalizing the budget ensure that an RFP includes

  • Explicit Information About Company and Clients

Your RFP (request for proposal) should be clear, concise, and articulate all your needs and expectations. It must include detailed information about the company background, goals, product information, and market position. Likewise, you should explain the advertisement campaign, marketing objectives, sales literature, and website. Logo, fonts, colors, and other design information should be defined properly. The client profile should be there including the demographics.

  • Exhibit Program and Trade Shows

While planning your custom  trade show exhibit rental, you need to evaluate the RPF as how well it elaborates your trade show program and how they will work logistically and strategically during the trade shows. Include your trade show objectives, how your booth will display your product, boost sales and communicate to your audiences.

  • Design Requirements

An RFP is a detailed description of what you want the booth to feature in the upcoming trade shows. The proposal must include the following

Your like and dislike your past exhibits. It also includes the thing you might want to keep or change for the new build.

  • Corporate design mandates.
  • The color palette that brands your company.
  • Company logos, slogans, or specific brand guidelines.
  • Length, width, and height of the exhibit.
  • Detail what kind of exhibit you need.
  • Build Requirements at Your Trade Shows

Don’t forget to include information about the trade show you frequently visit. Are you looking for a custom or double-decker trade show booth? The other information like the set-up, take-down, storage, and transportation requirements must be included in the proposal.

Whether your exhibit is going to be stored in a climate-controlled warehouse? How many people will be installing and dismantling the trade booth?

  • Budget and Timeline

It’s important to layout either a concrete budget or at least provides a range. Don’t forget to ask for the timeline, right from start to finish. You should specify clear dates for submitting a proposal, choosing a partner, and attending the trade show or series of shows. It also includes

  • Specific line-item costs.
  • Any extra charges for turnkey services, rush orders.
  • Any discounts.

Based on all these considerations, your trade show booth builder will provide competing bids you can evaluate competitively. By providing all this information, you will get an exhibit exactly as you intend. is one of the reliable trade show exhibit rental companies, offering custom, modular, double-decker trade show booths for the events. We have rich experience in the trade show industry. We have worked with major brands all across the USA. Our manufacturing unit is located in Las Vegas.