There are various ways to attract visitor to your booth, but the question is: What do you want them to do when they get there? Once you identify your objectives, use them to design the exhibit space in a way that attracts your prospect. Consider, creating a buyer persona for each type of attendees you are targeting.

Through these strategies, you can get an appealing design at a price your company can afford.

  • Rent, don’t buy

Renting a trade show booth is often more cost-effective than buying and you can go for a great deal of customization. The exhibits are made of reusable, modular components and can be changed into various configuration as per your requirement. Simply change the graphics and give a completely new look to your booth.

  • Size down

It’s not necessary to create a large exhibit to attract your prospect. Rather than install a well-designed smaller booth in a strategic location. It can effectively draw in traffic. Also, prioritize the quality of design over the size of the booth. All these initiatives will cut the cost of exhibiting as well as increase the footfall.

  • Keep the space open

Smaller booths are uncluttered and open, attract a large number of attendees. Minimise the furniture items and use built-in storage to keep the brochures, giveaways and other promotional items out of sight.

  • Hanging signage

Hanging signs will catch the attention of the user quite easily. Seeking the attention is very necessary especially if your booth is smaller or located on the edge of the trade show. It extends your presence on the floor and helps you stand out. Even the attendees standing in the aisle will also get attracted.

  • Limit your graphics

The full graphic coverage on panels might be a costly affair for your event. Additionally, the text-heavy graphics won’t be readable for the attendees walking by. Instead, use solid inserts in a colour of your choice with your company’s logo. It will make your booth memorable and attract your prospect.

  • Roll back your flooring costs

Rollback your flooring cost as it is unlikely to drive traffic to your booth. Instead, invest more in design elements that will help you to get noticed on the floor. Consider adding a hanging sign or lightbox into your booth to make it more appealing.

Swap out the expensive vinyl flooring and use carpet instead of that. It will reduce the cost dramatically.

  • Smart tech

Incorporating smart tech into your booth will help you in communicating vital information about your company’s products or services. While making choices for the technology choose a single large screen instead of a monitor wall. It requires least set up time and make the most impact on your attendees. Technologically well-equipped booth stand out over the sea of trade show booth on the floor. is one of the reliable trade show booth contractor based in Las Vegas, offering attractive booth for the events. The entire services under one roof, right from booth design, installation and dismantling to shipping. We offer custom, modular and country pavilion. Are you planning to exhibit? Contact us for the upcoming event.