Many exhibitors undermine the importance of selecting the best spot for your trade show. A good space plays a large role in how much footfall you receive, in some way affect your ROI. Trade show exhibit space is the largest percentage of your trade show budget. So when selecting the exhibit space consider the following point

  • Get the right floor plan  

It’s a smart strategy to get the floor plan ready well ahead of the show. Then only, you will be able to recognize designs. Offering the facility of refreshments inside the booth will ensure high visitor footfall.

  • Side, Corner or Island – Which is the best booth space?

Every booth location has its own advantages and disadvantages. Stands along the edges are simple to execute. It helps in conveying a more noteworthy visitor footfall in your space. Island booths can be exceptionally good in attracting the visitor. You can envision the fundamental passage point to welcome a new visitor into your booth.

  •       Keep a note of the neighbors of your stand – They might help you, sometimes!

Keep a note of the neighbors as to who is your competitors. It might help you sometimes. In the event, a major part of your neighbors is from a similar industry. Make a detailed list of your competitors, what they are offering. It will help you in the evaluation process. Being close to the veterans or industry pioneers of the industry can cause to draw in attendees to visit your stand.

  • Creating your own space is worth it – Highlight every aspect of the stand


While creating a tradeshow booth, it could be worth displaying every division of the business in the various territories of your exhibition stand. It will create awareness for your brand and build consumer brand affinity. Let the attendees get hands-on with your offerings. You have a lot to display, try to include at least one interactive element. Give them a chance to test out each category.

  • Try not to restrain your creative ideas into exhibition stand – Creativity rules

Try to be creative in your exhibition stand design. While creating be clear about the facts as what are your stand’s confinements or limitations such as the position of the stand, the power supply, height, and the floor space. The best way to emerge is to get creative along with these confinements. Even if there is a budget constraint, you can make a huge impact with colors, light, and few features of décor.

With some creativity and planning, you can create the perfect exhibition stand design that engages and educate your attendees. is the leading trade show booth contractor, offering best booth manufacturing services for the events. They have rich experience in the trade show industry. All the services are under one roof, right from booth design, installation and dismantling to shipping. Contact us for upcoming projects.