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Are you preparing to exhibit in a tradeshow in Dallas? Questing for a tradeshow booth construction company then ICatchersltd, one of the leaders within the industry is the one that can take towards a journey of an enthralling range of tradeshow exhibit designs in Dallas.

We work on the concept wherein we help you easily visualize your booth and also helps in constructing, shipping, installation, till its dismantling stage, a tradeshow booth building company that ensures that you have a smooth and stress-free experience in working with us.

If we talk about the tradeshows, then visualize it from the exhibitor’s perspective, they know why attending a tradeshow is important and above all why hiring an experienced and well-skilled tradeshow booth construction company is crucial in making your presence in tradeshow a success.

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Our Recent Work

Trade shows are like fingerprints, no two are identical. Each consecutive year thousands of companies exhibit, check our recent work section as we have worked with some of the major brands around USA.

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Trade Show Displays Dallas

Understanding your Exhibiting Objectives

The first and rather the foremost task of any exhibition design company will be to understand your company’s exhibiting goals, they make sure to understand your objectives well, and will ensure that your stand is built according to the objectives set and in turn will help you in creating a remarkable impact on the show day.

Helps in Visualizing your booth

Your tradeshow exhibit builder will help in visualizing your booth according to the stand specifications given to them, and based on that they will prepare a 3D design and takes approval from your end before proceeding towards construction.

A specialist will make sure that you are well satisfied with your design and will also work on the changes mentioned to them, and they will also ensure that the space allocated for building the exhibition stand will be used properly.

Finalizing and Constructing the Booth as Per your Aim

Once you are happy with your final design, then your tradeshow booth contractor Dallas will begin the construction of your booth. They will make sure that the material used in your stand reflects your brand message clearly and will try their best to offer the best quality material that is been described.


A tradeshow booth rental company will cover everything starting right from development till assembling to its installation, in order to make your show a big success, and will keep in mind that the booth will exactly look like the one that you have finalized in the first place.

Project Manager

In order to make your work seamless and hassle-free, a project manager will always be there by your side during all the steps right from starting till its ending stage.

So now you are very well aware of how a professional tradeshow booth rental company Dallas works and what they exactly do in order to complete your work on time and in a hassle-free and stress-free manner.