All trade show booth display have some element of interactivity. Buy an interactive display and install it at your next exhibition or trade show. Adding interactive display will help you to show off your newly launch products and services. Also, you can tell your company story in a unique and innovative way. With digital technology more ubiquitous and widely available than ever, exhibitors are coming up with innovative ways to attract, educate, and excite their visitors.

These are some of the trade show display ideas that will help you to achieve your trade show goals.

  • Gaming with Multi-Touch Capabilities

You don’t always have to promote your brand, instead, focus on something of real value like fun. You can use your interactive display as a gaming tool and let attendees play against each other or with your booth personnel. Offer prizes if they beat your employee. In the meanwhile, you can include your company’s story or whatever product you are selling into the booth. For example, if you are a trade show booth rental company, set the video game in similar settings where your expertise comes out professionally.

  • High-Tech and Unique Visitors Lounge

Install a high-tech and unique visitor lounge for your trade show attendees. When the visitor comes to your booth, they can simply swipe through the services and choose the best one. This kind of interactivity will enhance your digital presence on the trade show floor. The chances are bright, if you sponsor a visitor lounge and feature an interactive digital menu, attendees are going to remember your booth and services for a longer time. For that, you don’t have to be personally present over there.

  • Engaging and Interactive Product Demonstration

 Product demonstration plays a vital role in overall marketing. Just try to incorporate a little magic into the presentation. Conduct product demonstrations throughout the day, it will increase interaction with your visitor. While you are presenting the detailed process of how to use your product, you can have a visual presentation and demonstration going on simultaneously.

Also, include graphics, visuals, music, and photos in the presentations. Try to create a story and weave your products and services in the presentation. Then, find creative ways to make use of a digital screen to make your attendees spellbound. It is rightly said that the higher-tech you get the better result you achieved. All these initiatives will boost footfall in your trade show booth. is a leading trade show booth design company, offering impeccable booth manufacturing services. We take care of the complete booth design, installation, dismantling & shipping. We manufacture booth of all sizes. Our manufacturing unit is based in Las Vegas. Our services are available in all the major exhibiting cities of USA. We are an experienced trade show booth contractor in Las Vegas. Browse our website to get the best booth designs available.